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Let There Be

We sometimes struggle to create what we want in life.  How would it feel to just "allow" your life to happen.  Just see your creations complete, and they are.  Listen as I share my thoughts about effortless creation.  Read more at my website and blog:  http://dailyspiritualtools.com or http://dailyspiritualtools.blogspot.com



Sometimes life can be difficult and leave you feeling upset.  I've recorded my insights and thoughts about creating peace in your life.  You can read more at my blog and website. http://dailyspiritualtools.com http://dailyspiritualtools.blogspot.com


This tool is useful when you are reacting to experiences around you and find yourself wishing they were different.  It allows you to actively create your experience in a more positive way.  Read more at my website or blog.  http://dailyspiritualtools.com or http://dailyspiritualtools.blogspot.com

Blessings... Sherry